Your contact persons

Timo Poppinga

CEO Cologne

He is responsible for zdreicom in Germany. In addition to administrative tasks, he works on strategies, project management and in application development. If he is not on his computer desk, he probably travels somewhere around the world.

Sven Wächli

CEO Zurich/Baar

He leads zdreicom in Switzerland where he cares about management, strategy and project leadership. He likes to read (professional) literature. A family man and passionate tennis player.

Fabian Seltmann

CEO Goch

Fabian Seltmann is the head for implementations and developments in TYPO3 – which has been his prefered content management system for 10 years. In his spare time he likes it hot: As a volunteer in the local fire department, he ensures that real fires are extinguished.

Christoph Reintjes

Marketing, Sales

Christoph Reintjes is our man for professional marketing concepts and new customer acquisition. He adds the final touch to concepts and keeps the phone busy. Apart from that, he likes to play with the E-Sport.