TYPO3 Agency Meetup Day

Swiss TYPO3 Agencies meet in Berne

On August 18th, the Swiss TYPO3 Agencies Meetup was held in Berne. The event was organized by Matthias Schreiber and Bianca Niestroj. After an interesting retrospecive of the activities last year, the new TYPO3 GmbH (TYPO3 INC) was introduced. This new company is owned by the TYPO3 Association and therefore kind of belongs to the TYPO3 community. During the presentation of the products and services of the new company, it became clear that the TYPO3 GmbH is not positioned to compete with existing TYPO3 companies, but focused on activities that classic TYPO3 Agencies can not provide such as extended long-term-support for TYPO3 releases.

Matthias has then presented some exciting new products, like the new frontend-editor for TYPO3 which will be programmed by Pixelant and which was founded by crowdfunding. (also co-founded by zdreicom). This new editor is due in spring next year.

The due date for additional products and improvements was not so clear. As the TYPO3 GmbH is pretty busy with daily-business-requests from the TYPO3 Association, Matthias was rather cautious in answering the unavoidable question when these projects will be completed.

In the afternoon, a brainstorming about the cooperation potentials between TYPO3 Agencies took place. The dialogue between Swiss TYPO3 agencies is very good, which is a bit different in Germany, it was said.

I experienced the TYPO3 Agency Meetup very positive. Some participants have spontaneously come together and we agreed on further meetings. I wouldn't be surprised, is some regular TYPO3 User group meetings emerge from the Agency meetup in Berne.