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If the existing site is to be transformed into an effective customer-oriented communication channel with the help of a web content management system, or if a new site is created, it is worthwhile to ask the right questions about serviceability and investment protection at an early stage. The aim is to assess the technical potential, and to prioritize correctly, for example to avoid unnecessary follow-up costs.

In the beginning there is the question about the function. What is the objective? What are the requirements to be fulfilled? What is the goal of our client and what are the needs of our clients customers?
In an interview we find out where we are going. It is always also about technology: how can the requirements best be met? Which technologies make sense? What would be an appropriate solution? How is the project to be implemented?

Benefit from our years of experience of the TYPO3 experts of our agency in the implementation of web and software projects.

We are happy to help!

Why we use TYPO3

TYPO3 is our content management system of choice for business-critical websites:

  • TYPO3 is open source. This means there are no license costs and the system is supported by a large community.
  • With the TYPO3 open source CMS, the customer is independent of agencies in three respects: First, the system used by many professional agencies. Second, it is not bound by copyright restrictions. And third it is a coding framework which is very clean and structured - an important requirement when the work of one developer is to be continued by another developer.
  • TYPO3 is one of the safest and most stable CMS on the market
  • TYPO3 is continuously improved and developed. TYPO3 solutions are future-proof
  • TYPO3 is ideal for a successful search engine marketing. Well optimized and maintained TYPO3 installations achieve excellent rankings in search engine results pages.


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