About us

In the summer of 2012, the first TYPO3 Conference of Asia was held in Phnom Penh. This TYPO3 event where TYPO3 Agencies and TYPO3 Experts meet was an opporunity which the typo3-enthusiasts Timo Poppinga and Sven Wächli didn't want to miss. They got to know eych other there and soon found out that they realize sophisticated web projects in Germany and in Switzerland with a very similar philosophy. Despite the geographical distance, the contact has since never stopped. Within three years, we have met three times in TYPO3 conferences, which resulted in a know-how exchange and a sucessfull collaboration.

This common ground eventually led us to set up a joint TYPO3 agency under the umbrella company zdreicom AG. The aim of our cooperation is to develop together and to support our customers in their projects  even better.

Bild von Sven

Sven Wächli

zdreicom AG

Bild von Timo

Timo Poppinga

zdreicom GmbH